Visakhapatnam sets stage for cultural exchange

cultural event

The NYKS (Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan) instute in the city initiated cultural events vizag mixed up exchanging cultural dances of 2 states Punjab and Andhra Pradesh.Famous dancer Jagmohan Deep Singh and his team from Punjab presented Bhangra while Lakshmi and her team manifested Kuchipudi.

Totally 100 artists were present to exhibit their culture. 50 members from Punjab and 50 members from Andhra Pradesh participated in the inaugural of the Inter-State Youth Exchange Programme, which was organised by Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan. (NYKS)

Apart from Dances the the youth also exchanged different aspects of culture which includes language, art, music and food.Apart from learning numerous aspects of culture, the youth who belong to the age group of 18-29 years who were from totally different backgrounds, can need to devour a minimum of one hundred to one hundred fifty basic sentences of different languages.

Mr Jahanmohan said “Apart from learning and savouring idli and vada, we will teach our friends how to cook rajma-chawal and sarso ka saag,” MP(Member of Parliment) K. Haribabu said this event was discussed with Prime Minister in 2016 which is now implemented for the first time.
Now Andhra Pradesh has teamed up with Punjab so it is an opportunity to get close to one another and learn the culture of each other states.

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