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Many people around us suffer from over-weight. In order to loose weight people firstly reduce the high calorie food from their diet menu. But that’s not fair. But not all high-calorie foods are bad for your weight. In fact, some of them have been proven to be essentially helpful for your weight loss journey.
The fact is that not all calories are created equal. Also, completely different foods undergo different metabolic pathways, leading to numerous effects on bodily functions – like hunger, hormones and fat burning method.

Selecting the number and kind of calories you eat still is sensible so as to get rid of some calories.But that doesn’t mean you have to take foods with great care and thoroughness that counts every single calorie consumed.This leaves us Unsatisfied with our meal and sometimes can lead to depression too which can make you end up feeling deprived and even sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Here are few high-calorie foods that actually help you in reducing your weight.

Full fat milk :

We may have been recomended to go for skimmed, low fat, fat-free, organic options instead of full fat milk as these variants are considered healthier. However, full fat milk is the best option for those who are trying to reduce fat (or) weight.Intake this high-calorie milk does not only provides you with protein but it also gives you good fat that help cut the bad ones.


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Banana :

Bananas contain fiber and resistant starch, which support weight loss. They’re also a nutritious, low-energy-density food, which is good for dropping pounds. And they don’t live up to their once bad reputation of being a diet-wrecking fruit to avoid.The benefit of low-energy-dense foods is that you can eat more food while keeping calories down, promoting weight loss. It also means that you don’t have to feel hungry while you’re dieting.

weight loss foods||vizag now

Ghee :

Contrary to many theories, ghee contains good fat and nutritious calories. Just a tablespoon of ghee on regular basis is not only healthy for you but its calories will help you in losing weight.Anything in excess isn’t good and this is applicable to ghee. Not more than 2 teaspoons of ghee should be consumed per day.

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Egg yolks :

Most of the diet plans include egg white omelettes and scrambled eggs but not egg yolks. But egg yolks are packed with nutrients like vitamin A, K2 and B vitamins that increase your metabolic function. If your metabolism increases, you will burn more calories.

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Tomato and Cucumber Juice

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