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Gandhi Institute of Technology of Management…In short GITAM!  What everyone presumes about GITAM University is that only rich brats get into that college . This is what we get to hear when someone holds thoughts of getting into that college. Regardless of everyone exclaiming, students join the college.

And so their life at GITAM begins.

GITAM is a multi department university. It has departments in almost all areas namely GIT, GIM,GSIB, Law, GIMSR and Dental college.

gitam vizag


The best part is its beautiful campus, lush greens, gardens and an amazing view of the Rushikonda  beach.

The beauty of the campus is worth admiring.  Its  a picturesque.  The campus is always bustling with energetic youth, guest lectures, seminars, workshops , Cultural fests(mainly GITAM excellence meet and GUSAC Carnival) and of course the Intra college competitions which creates a zeal of competitiveness among students.

gitam vizag

There are many common clubs in the campus where you get to interact with students from all the departments. Those include Kalakriti club ( arts and cultural ) , Rotatract club,  G studios  and  NSS wing.

Then comes our spacious classrooms , a cozy place to learn and have fun .And must mention about the faculty! The faculty at GITAM are just like us filled with energy, enthusiastic,  and helps a student in every aspect.

The campus is blessed with a huge central library known as “Knowledge resource centre”. It is the one stop place where you can find all the academic books as well as the trending magazines.

gitam vizag

And the campus has sport facilities which includes basket ball courts, tennis courts, two huge play grounds and an indoor stadium. So, its an amazing place for all the sports enthusiasts and the fitness freaks out there.

There is no single canteen but one can find many canteens… right from Golgappa stalls to the popular food joints like Subway and Cafe Coffee Day. After you seeing the canteens,  you would spend more time in canteens rather than classrooms.

And it takes a great deal to bunk classes.

To your surprise, there is a ragging tree in the campus. To contradict the statement, the whole campus is Anti ragging zone. Ragging is strictly prohibited. Campus is  very safe and secure.

There is no fear of running out of cash as there are ATMs installed in the campus.

There are three temples in the campus to get your prayers answered and to have some peace of mind .

There are many places in the campus where you can just sit and relax and  cant resist yourself from appreciating its serenity .

gitam vizag

In the end what makes your life wonderful is Friends at college. We get to socialize with lots of people and of all kinds. Some may make you a better person and few may break you and you still get  a chance to stand strong still.

College is such an amazing place just like the pages between the books. GITAM inspired many young minds to think differently..Its a whole network out there.

GITAM  is definitely a warm place to be in..

They say that college is where you find yourself.

Hope you find yourself at GITAM soon!!!



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