happyoi vizag bakery flowers delivery

The City’s first Multi-purpose Store “Happyoi” which includes bakery , florist shop in addition to varieties of cakes and special flowers which people like to gift on anniversaries or occasions in combination with cake.This idea was originated by Mr.Dimpu and Mrs.Niveditha . This first started as a website which on public demand occurred a physical form.Their network is accross all over the world and the website focuses on people of Vizag and Vizagites settled abroad.

happyoi vizag bakery flowers delivery
“Happyoi” being located at ‘Visalakshi Nagar’ grabs most of  the attention of local people as this is the only startup in that area which has various facilities.The orders placed will be baked in less than two hours for simple cakes and the baking is done everyday by Mrs.Niveditha which enhances her baking skills through which cakes are made yummy with each passing day.They deliver their order themselves in Vizag City whereas they have tie-ups in other cities.The plans for expansion are almost done which are to be implemented soon in many other places.

happyoi vizag bakery flowers delivery
Happyoi Team

You can place your order right now with a single tap on the link below :

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