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The horticulture department of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) is procuring new hydraulic pruning machines in order to systematically trim tall trees.

In pursuit of the recommendations from Swachh Andhra Corporation, the horticulture department of GVMC through the Andhra Pradesh Urban Greening and Beautification Corporation, purchased a hydraulic machine at a cost of Rs. 16.5 lakhs.

This hydraulic machine can trim any tree up to the height of 30 feet. The machine is a single man operating system apart from the driver. The horticulture waste from the roadside after pruning of trees will be collected in a separate vehicle.

tree slimming vizag
tree slimming vizag







M.Damodar, assistant director of horticulture, GVMC stated, “Tall trees need pruning from time-to-time due to various reasons – growth of trees above the electric poles or for the need of sufficient lighting. Now, this can be done without disturbing or damaging the original structure of the tree. Until now, heavy branches that covered the LED lights on the roads had to be cut for proper lighting. Indiscriminate cutting or chopping of branches can be avoided by using this machine therefore sustaining the greenery in the city.” He also stated that the machine has been used to prune a few trees on the highway ( Maddilapalem to airport road stretch). Damodar said, “We can provide the hydraulic pruning machine to the APTRANSCO department on a hire basis so that the trees which are cut under the electric poles can be avoided. The horticulture department is also planning to procure a few more machines.”

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