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The summers in India are intolerable due to the scorching sun and the searing heat but the season brings its goodness in the form of mango which is known as “King of Fruits”. Mangoes are acknowledged to be luscious and succulent. The fruit has its several health benefits but consuming more than moderate since it is a high-calorie fruit may lead to health problems.

As a result of unfavorable weather conditions much the state’s dismay, the unexpected rain since the beginning of the year, severe damage was caused to the mango flowering. These untoward conditions have lead to low yield and affect to the quality of fruits.

It is mid-May and the supply to the city of mangoes is meager. Denizens are yet to relish the fruits this year. Horticulture officials’ said that there is 40% drop in the production in Visakhapatnam district. Both the growers and traders have reported during November that the flowering has occurred but the fruit formation will take time. But they hoped that with the increasing and better weather conditions during April, the crop will yield better quality of fruit.

The most well-known varieties of mangoes in Andhra, ‘Banginapalle’ and ‘Chinna Rasalu’ from Krishna district, ‘Cheruku Rasalu’ and ‘Panchadara Karisalu’ from twin Godavari districts and the sweetest variety from the north coastal ‘Suvarnarekha’ and many other categories are exported to other states and foreign countries because Andhra being the first in producing mangoes but the whole state has experienced damage to the flowering and downfall of the production.

Because of supply and demand problem in the market, the denizens of Vizag have to pay more for small quantities and for a few varieties. Currently, the mangoes sold in the market lack in flavor and aroma. Consumers tend to pay double in the retail stores than for the ones sold in the Rythu bazaar. Those who are willing to buy some mangoes cannot help but compromise on the quality as the majority of them are coated with calcium carbide and ethephon. The people who have already tasted the fruits have affirmed that they taste sour.

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