solar power floating vizag

Work for the 11 crore project commenced, nestled between the green hills of Kambalakonda and Simhachalam, the Mudasarlova reservoir is one of the oldest man-made water bodies in the state of Andhra  Pradesh. It is also a very scenic picnic spot that is popular with residents and tourists alike. It provides about a million gallons of drinking water to household across Visakhapatnam, on daily basis.

By the end of May the reservoir will be install with solar panels, this will be the state’s first solar power plant project proposed by the greater Visakhapatnam municipal corporation (GVMC).

While states like kerala and west Bengal have already begun the solar technology to meet their energy needs. It is claimed that the Mudasarlova project, with a proposed generation capacity of 2000 kWp (kilowatt peak), would be larger and much more expensive than the models currently operating across the country.

solar power floating vizag

These are designed to have bed like structure at the base, which would avoid the panel form the further damage, in case the reservoir runs out of water. GVMC authorities claimed to finish the project by end of this month, and the entire project is expected to take off in two months.

A government resource attached to the project said “we have started to set up floating bases, and solar plants are likely to be placed by the end of this month. The bases will have bed-like structure at the bottom so that when the water dries up, the panel will not get damaged. It may take two months for the completion of the project.”

It is believed that this solar plant can endure the worst of weather. The authorities also stated that this is also eco-friendly, but the floating solar panels have proven to be more effective than their roof and land counterparts.

Additionally the Visakhapatnam urban development authority (VUDA) is working tangent to the solar project by enhancing the Mudrasalova Park which lies adjacent to the reservoir. “Landscape, expansion of greenery, installation of new equipment with adequate LED lighting, a children’s play area, walking path, shelter zones, and drinking water facilities, are some steps that have been chalked down by the civic body.”

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