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Present generation moms are not giving food to their children which were given by their grandmothers to them due to ignorance and lot of hand work to be done to prepare those items.  But they are being asked by the same children about those items after visiting their native villages, nowadays. To satiate this type of thirst of present generation, Four Points is organizing Andhra Food Festival during dinner time by just charging Rs 850 per head giving both vegetarian and non vegetarian buffet to their customers, for ten days.

I got this idea when I went to a village for a function along with our general manager Vijayan Gangadharan’ said executive chef Abhishek Kukreti while revealing the food festival to the media at the hotel premises. From June 16 to 24 we will serve buffet dinner at our ‘Eatery’ from evening 7.30 to 11.00 at night. Our food will give great experience of their forgotten tastes as well as great health, he added.

I have visited ten villages to know about seven recipes which were not prepared here’ said chef K Murali while speaking on the occasion. We use organic and fresh ingredients for preparing dished made out of eggs of naturally grown chicken while using less spices. I have taken house wives for preparing these dishes for achieving the flavor of the festival, he added.

I am just a house wife and after the request of chef, preparing items like ‘Ragi Sanakati’ – a glob made by millets which is widely used in Rayala Seema region’ said Padmavathi.

We are offering variety of savories made with fish, banana flower, drum sticks and many more items’ said Lakshmi Devi, another chef.

fourpoints sheraton food festival vizag
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