Collector intervention sought over time slot system Vizag Airport
Representation to Collector

Today along with our Airport area and Defence area public elected representative and Vizag west MLA and government Whip   Gana Babu have met district collector Praveen Kumar along with airline associations and industry representatives and informed him about impact of navy restrictions on Visage economy.

We informed him not only 8 flights (as navy itself admitted in its press release) directly and many more connecting flights would be impacted for all domestic and few international sectors due to military slots.

Every flight has average 150 passengers and about 1200 incoming and 1200 outgoing passengers, for these 8 flights .in total 2400 passengers would be impacted negatively directly. Also Indirectly connecting flights would be impacted. Each flight has at least 2 or 3 connecting flights .Flight fares would go up due to withdrawal of services by few aircrafts.

Due to imposed military slots from morning 9.30 to afternoon 12.30:

In case a morning flight is delayed to 9.40 even by 10 minutes, it cannot take off till 12.30 pm. This is huge problem. We have to wait for 3 hours and airlines need to pay more parking and landing charges. Even though flight timing is 9.30 to 12.30…no flight can land after 8.30 am as they need 30 minutes to deplane  and clean aircraft And 30 minutes for boarding. So last flight can land in morning only 8.30am if it needs to take off at 9.30 am before military slots.

So any passenger coming to vizag has to report only by 6.15 am in Hyderabad Chennai or Bangalore, Calcutta to have a min one hour flight and report one hour before (boarding and security) only. If it takes off at 7.15 am only it can land by 8.30am here. So no person can reach Vizag in morning, if they come to airport anywhere in India after 6.15 am.

So similarly even though a flight can land d at 12.30, after military slots it can take off at only 1.30 after cleaning and boarding. So we can reach nearest destination in min one hour.  So we can reach Hyderabad or Chennai only at 2.30 to 2.45 pm and any connecting flights after 3.30 pm only.

Collector intervention sought over time slot system Vizag Airport
Air Travelers Association
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