Oakridge International School students have tremendously improved their results in CBSE, Grade 12 exams. As many as 20% of students have got more than 90% of marks with success percentage 98% which was improved to a  great extent when compared with previous years. Leeladhar has scored 473/500 and stood in the top place of Visakhapatnam campus.

We have proved that schools established other than by educationists also achieve best results’ said Principal Biju Baby while sharing his success with media. All our hostel students have succeeded in exams by scoring 80% of marks. When students expect a particular purpose in going to school then they will enjoy a lot and get more marks. Our school has career counseling center for students which will guide for their higher education courses both at domestic and international levels, he added.

Oakridge Grade 12 got multiple placements in some of the esteemed international colleges and top universities around the world like Buckinghamshire New University, University College of Birmingham, Georgian College, Bowling Green State University and many other reputed educational institutions.

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