Protest against soaring petrol prices YCP Vizag City

India has voiced its concern over high global crude prices with producers’ cartel Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). India imports about 80 per cent of its oil needs and eight of its top suppliers are from oil producers’ block. OPEC and its allies will meet on 22-23 June to review whether to unwind supply curbs put in place 18 months ago. The OPEC is likely to agree on a production increase next week to bring down prices. But common man is suffering a lot from continual increase of petrol price, in these days. To counter this and express the people’s anguish Opposition Party YSR Congress Party staged a unique protest program in Vizag, led by its city president and ex MLA Malla Vijaya Prasad. Onlookers are in little bit confusion, when they watched a novel thing of pulling their vehicle with ropes, by its owner as in other times vehicle used to carry its owner.

‘How can a middle class fellow meet his budget if the price of petrol is increasing in this way’, questioned Vijaya Prasad. Both state and central governments should reduce their taxes for the benefit of common man, he added.

‘Increase in diesel price increases the transport cost of various essential commodities and consumer has to pay more for his day to day needs’ said Kola Guruvulu, Vizag- South convener of YCP while speaking on the occasion.

Protest against soaring petrol prices YCP Vizag City
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