angels wish vizag visakhapatnam social service

About “Angels wish” :
The “Angels wish” dedicates it’s services for the needy.According to them,they don’t like to address them as orphans or poor,they treat them as Angels and fulfill their wishes.That is the reason the trust is named as “Angels wish.”
They don’t stick to one specific category. Whereever help is needed “Angels wish” will be there.Their recent activity served people on 8th of this month (July) where they organised “Food Distribution Event” for the people who are Homeless and Needy, and visited orphanage home with few volunteers on the same day.Food for almost 350 people was prepared and distributed from Big Bazaar to Gnanapuram, and from Railway New Colony to Kancharapalem. Around 60 Volunteers gathered who were divided into two teams. One team of 40 members participated in Food Distribution, and the rest 20 members visited Orphanage.They served the Non-Veg Meals for Orphan Kids and spent the whole day with them.Seeing their happy faces is what makes the members of “Angles Wish” happy and content.

angels wish vizag visakhapatnam social service

“We felt really happy that god has given opportunity to spend time with them, and to know their needs and how they are growing there,whether they are getting required support from any means. We enquired the warden of Home about their major need. He replied, their major need is Water and Food. We assured him that in near future we will support as much as possible from ‘Angels Wish’ for their required needs” – said one of the members of “Angels Wish.”

angels wish vizag visakhapatnam social service

They have done a survey in Vizag where they came to know that many are coming from different places to survive in Vizag but they are not getting proper jobs, shelter and food.They directly meet the people staying on the foot path.Their stories melted their hearts.One of them includes an Old man aged between 50 to 60,earning ₹5000/- per month for his family with 5 members.His earnings are not sufficient for them to survive.So, in free time he comes and sits on the foot path where some people distribute the food.Whatever the food he gathers,he shares with family and makes their day. The same is repeating since some years.

Many of such kind are living in society who are not getting any support from any means.So,”Angels Wish” took the step ahead and decided to give as much support as they can in multiple ways like providing job, food, education, or shelter for their families.Their main aim is to reduce the poor in the City.If everything goes well,they would like to do the same all over Andhra Pradesh.

angels wish vizag visakhapatnam social service
The visit to Orphanage brought new energy to the organization as the kids there were really active and enthusiastic.But,when they should be studying in schools,they are struggling even to have three meals a day.”Angles Wish” is all set to extend their Helping hands to serve them as long as possible and in as many ways as possible.

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  1. Very well done guys
    Hope u do it without stopping or existing
    Angel’s wish I support u for every event 😍❤

  2. Wish all the best the whole team of angels…😍😍😍😍…..and go on moving and ride should always increase the speed…..never try to Accelerate down….hope all the best of the world ….


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