Vizag Startup Summit -2 has witnessed huge turn up by enthusiastic youth with their projects, which was inaugurated by Andhra Pradesh Government’s IT Advisor J A Chowdary at Fortune Inn Sri Kanya Hotel. A Round table conference was organized to share and exchange the issues and ideas of budding entrepreneurs at the venue.

The active participants of the conference are Kartheek from Vizag Now, Dinesh of Prakriya,  Prashant of SIMS, Sunita Rao of Oxy Zen Wealth, Swetha from Khadga Entertainment, Naveen, Sridhar , Alok and others as the conference was hosted by the chairman of startup summit Madhav Reddy.

All the participants have expressed their difficulties in their startup journey after introducing themselves. They have clearly mentioned the bottlenecks faced by them in reaching the set targets.

Almost all participants have expressed three problems in common.

Trust Factor: as they are new to business front with their tender feet, winning trust from others is a big issue.

Branding: when majority of consumers opt for getting the services and products of a reputed organization, taking the brand to the public of a startup company became difficult.

Marketing: without trust and brand of a particular product or service, marketing of the said services or products is becoming like sailing in opposite wind.

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