S 3 L with Music Rivals

V Team events in collaboration with VUDA, now VMRDA organized a musical night on Friendship Day at Children’s Arena, Siripuram. You Tube musicians and singers from S 3 L Band and members of Music Rivals have entertained the gathering for many hours. Notable thing is all have purchased tickets to watch the music concert.


‘I was surprised after knowing about the subscribers of S 3 L Band are 1,38,000 for their You Tube Channel with thousands of likes for each of their uploaded videos’ said V Team chief executive officer Veerendra Babu while speaking with media partner of the event –‘Vizag Now’. I am happy to watch the foot tapping of audience during their singing. I spoke with some music directors of Telugu film industry about these artists and assured work in their next movie projects, he added.

‘Without the support of our parents we can’t reach this stage’ said singer Sandeep. Because my father roamed entire city for booking venue for our program, he added.

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