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Have you ever heard about NRIs’ observation that they are having the facilities at Vizag, they don’t have in the US, Germany, and other developed nations? We have one such institute at Vizag, “Academy of Robotics” (AoR) which is owned by Srikanth. When Indian youth are opting for studying abroad, the NRIs are joining their children at AoR; leaving them in the custody of their parents and taking them back after completing their course at AoR. NRIs are paying a lesser fee to AoR than their flight charges to give exclusive hands-on experience to their kids about robotics.

academy of robotics vizag
Mr. Srikanth

“I have started ’Academy of Robotics’ as a startup company after doing a job and business for a growth in my life and I know that I have taken a risk which is mandatory in everyone’s life to reach new heights and to have a satisfied life” said Srikanth while sharing his achievement with ‘Vizag Now’.
Maintaining Standards of Robotic Education:
AoR maintains world-class features that provide training in the field of Robotics Technology. AoR provides various modes, In-House Training, Campus Training to Engineering College Students, Special Classes for the people with Hobby or Passion towards Robotics, Professional Style for those who want to make a career in Robotics Industry & Embedded Systems Platform.
Creation of Atmosphere:
If a student to be trained in agriculture then he must be taught at a farmland. Like this, a soldier’s mettle can be proved at war only. In the same way, a child’s brain will be developed towards inventing new things only if provided with a creative environment like introducing them to robot kits.
A range of Varieties:
Different types of kits including simple Educational Robot kits, hobby kits and many kinds of machines that are used to play with, experiment on & educate. These may range from simple wheeled robots to complex Humanoid Robots and from simple remote-controlled to personal computer-controlled robots.
Levels of Knowledge:
Our Second Standard student will have the knowledge of a Ninth class student who is studying at other schools if you compare the knowledge levels, and our Eighth class student will have the knowledge of a B.Tech student.
Safety as the Prime concern:
We are completely operating with DC (Direct Current) supply with Twelve Volts which is a shockproof and nontoxic component for protecting the health of our students.
Major misconception:
Most of us think that those toys which are serving snacks in a hotel are robots, no they are not robots. All of them are made with a certain program to cater to a particular need. Robot means it must think on its own and should take decisions as a human being.

Future diaries:
At present we are in research and prototype only. We have no buyers in India for purchasing robots which are shown in Rajani Kanth’s film. One has to spend Twelve Lakh rupees to hire that type of robot for a single day. We are planning to enter production in 2023 and for that, we should have minimum Hundred acres of land for our plant. For the first time, we are organizing competitions for startups in Robotics on August 24th in collaboration with IIAC and continue this after every year.

robotics academy vizag
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