Live MVS vizianagaram social organisation
Live MVS

“Live MVS Helping” is a Non-Profit Organization serving people with a motto of “Not to waste food.” Started in the month of September of 2016 in Vizianagaram. MVS, in Telugu stands for- Maa Vanthu Sahayam – Mee Vanthu Sahakaram which means Help from our end – Cooperation from your end.

Live MVS vizianagaram social organisation

The members of the Non-Government Organization have just crossed their teenage in the chronology but their thoughts crossed ages. After closely watching their friend’s sad demise, a good few Intermediate students decided to mitigate the sadness of the society to their possible extent. They started helping the downtrodden people from then onwards which resulted in the birth of “Live MVS Helping Organization.” Now, there are of total thirty members in the Organization.

Instead of wasting the extra food material in the Functions, these Organization people supply it to orphanages which became their daily routine. They also visit tribal areas often and distribute clothes to the children and youth living there.

Live MVS vizianagaram social organisation

The activities conducted by the “Live MVS” played an important role in bagging of three awards. The Kabaddi Competitions were organized twice and which has won laurels from the sports lovers. They were first organized with 14 teams and the next year that number was increased to 45. Apart from the awards, the Organization has also earned ₹40,000/- from those competitions and that amount has been used solely for the Organisational purposes. They were awarded by “Alliance Clubs International – Ugadi Purskaram” and got recognized for organizing Kabaddi competitions successfully in the district. YSR Congress Party leader Avanapu Vijay honored “Live MVV” along with other 5 organizations for serving the society at a very young age.

Apart from the funding provided by the sources outside, the members of the Organization contribute a minimum sum of ₹100/- per month. They never go to someone seeking funds but if they get any funding voluntarily, that will be accepted. Hemanth’s Father, Kumara Swamy, who is an engineer with Zilla Parishad and Mother, a Doctor, helps the Organisation financially from time to time.

The Organization is operated under the following Executive Committee:
B Sri Harsha is president of the organization and D Prasanth Kumar is vice president. Y Aravind Reddy is the secretary. B Pallavi Suma is the Event organizer and S Padmaja Mani is joint secretary. A Manoj Kumar is treasurer of the organization.

As they are getting plenty of food items from the Functions, they’re finding it difficult to store them without a refrigerator. So, their next plan is to have a refrigerated vehicle so that they can store that food for distributing it to the nearest needy on the next day. Plans are also being made to establish a School exclusively for Orphans.

Live MVS vizianagaram social organisation

They also aim at arranging blood for all serious patients. At present, they are able to donate blood for 70 % of the required persons. To achieve 100%, they planned to visit colleges and create awareness about the importance of Blood donation and make the Students join in their group who can donate Blood.

This indeed is a proud moment for the members of the whole Organization because they’ve been through ups and downs all the time but never gave up. President Harsha has his own way of handling the people and making sure that there is strong bonding between the members of the Organization that keeps them together.

Live MVS vizianagaram social organisation

The blood will be arranged by taking the donor directly to the hospital if they are contacted to the WhatsApp Number of the “MVV Organisation- 7382149601 “

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