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Established in 1977 by Basthimal Rathod, the Rathod Sons group is thriving
with success in the city of destiny. With three outlets in the city, the franchise
expertises in wholesale steel-ware, domestic durables and puja items. It all
started when Mr. Rathod travelled all the way from Rajasthan to Visakhapatnam
and grasped the growing opportunity of steel business. After crossing many
hurdles, it is now almost 40 years since Rathod Sons established itself as a
brand in the city. To mark this history of successful business, let us know the
story in the words of Sumit Jain Rathod, the Sales and Administration Manager
of the group.
How did it all start?
Sumit: After his marriage, my father took up work in Mumbai, but getting
around in the area proved to be hard. With my mother being from
Vizianagaram, our family shifted to Visakhapatnam. In 1977, he started Dipti
Metal Stores, in the name of our sister. During the same time, Vizag’s Steel
Plant was on the brink of rise. He observed the opportunity that steel would
provide and took it. He did face a lot of problems in the beginning. He spent all
his life perfecting the Rathod group. He is and has always been our main pillar
and guidance. The business was solely built on his idea.
How is the present situation?
Sumit: We have three outlets in the city. We have a head office in Allipuram
Junction, which concentrates on wholesale steel-ware which is usually sought
for when there is an occasion or ceremony to serve as return gifts. The second
outlet is in Dabagardens which expertises in hotel equipments, domestic
stainless steel products and home durables. The third outlet is Rathod Sarvalaya
Divine Stores where one can find all the puja items, be it for domestic
requirements or temple requirements. All the three stores have different themes
and are known for their quality products. I am responsible for the department of
sales and administration whereas my elder brother looks after purchases and
payments and my father looks after the finance section. It is totally run by our
What made you to enter the family business?
Sumit: We grew up in this business. We have spent half of our lives in this
business. By the time we became aware, say like in our 7 th or 8 th class, we were
already taking part in the business. We helped in the stores and in the sales.
Even while we were in college, we used to look after our stores. This is what we
grew up watching. We grew up watching this field and the staff. So after our
studies we completely immersed ourselves in the family business.
Do you plan on establishing any more outlets?
Sumit: We would love to expand our business but then again it all depends.
Manpower is a constraint (laughs).
With being born and brought up in Visakhapatnam, what has the city
become to you?
Sumit: Visakhapatnam is a beautiful city. I love the city. No matter wherever
we go, when we come back to Visakhapatnam we feel like we are at the right
place. It is a city of romance. I find it to be the most beautiful city ever and also
as the ultimate destination. It has become our home.

The valuable asset we had, as an intern. You never failed to amaze us with your writings. Thank You for being part of our team @Akhila Kalidindi

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