AU VC G Nageswar Rao

Gollapalli Nageswara Rao, Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University inaugurated the Symposium on “Assessment and Prevention of Suicide” organized by the Department of Psychology. Prof. M V R Raju, in charge Registrar and Dean of Academic Affairs, Prof. Ananda Rao, Head of the Department of Psychology, Dr.P Syam Prasad, Dr.C Radhakanth and others participated in the program.

‘More  research studies on the causes of suicides should be conducted by the research scholars of Psychology Department in order to help the policy makers to frame laws and take measures to reduce the number of suicides in the country’ said Nageswar Rao. Expectations of the parents from the students are one of the important causes for the suicides among students. The corporate colleges are increasing stress among students which is leading to suicides. More appropriate multidisciplinary studies should be conducted by involving sociologists, doctors, psychologists on suicides and help a evolve measures to prevent these suicides, he added.

‘Every 40 seconds, one suicide is being witnessed in this world’ said Rs Shyam. If the tendency was recognized by the person’s friends then maximum lives can be saved, he added.

‘Leading the life with positive attitude is the need of the hour’ said Dr Radhakant.

‘There is a need of psychologists at school, college and University levels’ said MVR Raju.

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