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Getting a chance to express your literary works among people is the one thing which happens very rarely. Forget about expressing, finding a Platform to share your tales is a big hurdle.
This is where INSCRIBERS come into the scene.
INSCRIBERS is the first writers club in the city of Destiny.
You might be wondering who is behind this lovely yet creative initiative?
Undergraduate students Sanjay Singh, K. Sri Nidhi, and G. Neha are the trio behind this initiative.
Where their motto is “Our Stage, Your Words”
As writers, they never got a chance to express their tales despite writing clubs in their colleges as their works are limited within their boundaries, So that is what motivated them to come up with an idea of starting their own club and create opportunities for the young who are passionate about writing.
The main objective of INSCRIBERS is to bring all the amateur writers of Vizag under one roof.
So what does INSCRIBERS actually do?
They conduct Open Mic sessions every month here in the city of Destiny! Till date, INSCRIBERS successfully completed three events which witnessed diverse writers on board. Even local authors turn up at the event to share writing tips to the enthusiasts.
Many amateur writers come over to share their tales and experiences and poetry. Every person has a different story, one writes on love, while other on break up and another on topics like depression and social issues.
This club gives a lot of exposure and a great place to socialize with different minds.
The response of the event till now is quite impressive.
INSCRIBERS is also active in Social media namely @inscribers_community on Instagram and has an official YouTube channel.
The team believes that INSCRIBERS has a long way to go and hopes that it will have a good amount of writers in the near future.
inscribers writers club Vizag Now
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