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jeetendra photographer vizag nowPIDIKITI PALA SANKARA JEETENDRA,  The 23year-old Student pursuing his MBA in the branch of International Business in the University of Greenwich, London, created his mark in the field of Photography. Since the time he was studying in school, Jeetendra had been a merit Student and an all-rounder. He pursued “Fundamentals of Film Making and Advanced DSLR Photography courses from the esteemed Annapurna International School of Film and Media, Hyderabad. He already holds an MBA in the branch of  World Strategy Business. The Journey of Jeetendra in his own words.


Selecting Seeds:
I always see the world through a different angle and find uniqueness in everything that I come across. I want to show this uniqueness in the common things around us to the World through my Photography.

The Spread of Fragrance:
The foundation for my Photography was laid in the School days, where we used to have Photography Workshops and Celebration of Photography days. I used to imagine some moments, capture them in my mind and sketch the resultant output on the paper which nurtured my creativity. My School (Sri Prakash Vidyanikethan) played a prominent role in making me find my interests, structuring my creative skills and thus served as the first platform to showcase my talent. I had been to several Educational tours and field-trips where I found serenity and realized that my inner mind is linked to every bit of Nature around me.

The Special Interest:
Out of the infinite things we have, to lay our focus on, “Wildlife Photography” is what that attracts me because it helps me to learn about other Creatures on the Earth and also to introduce numerous unknown species of Fauna to the World. They teach us many things like, a Tiger, which teaches on how to focus on the targets and hunt them down. A Butterfly, which teaches on how to leave the bad things behind, which implies, observing and considering only positive things and thoughts. Similarly, different Creatures have various characteristics to learn from.

jeetendra photographer vizag now

Behind the Lens:
Wildlife Photography provides me with the opportunity of exploring new places and traveling around which I love the most! I covered distinct places with different habitats each time I travel. My main motto is “To explore-To Learn-To Live!”

jeetendra photographer vizag now




Shades of Adventure:
In my journey till now, I’m glad that there are no dangerous situations, but numerous risks and adventures which increased my standards. By passing through all the barriers, I always got the best of what I wanted. Every Adventure is a milestone and a night to remember.

jeetendra photographer vizag nowThe Life-lines:
I could not imagine me reaching this level without some special persons to whom I owe my success. My Mother has always been my backbone in all my experiments. My Uncle and Aunt, who always guide me and occupies the crucial role in my life. Back in my School, our Director Sir, Mr. Ch. Vasu Prakash, always encouraged talents and helped us to do better and prove our excellence. V. Prasad and R.Sai Sekhar have always been with me during my tough times and Sunny Mukesh is the one who helped me in choosing and working with my first Camera. My Father is the one who encouraged me every time and loved me the most!! I wish he was with us right now.

Strengthening of Roots:
Duration Engineering, I did many events in College which helped me in achieving more offers in course of time. I have done more than a Hundred portfolios till date. Some of my prestigious clients include Jennaty Fashio LLC, Dubai and International brands like Pull and Bear, Emporio Armani, H&M, Chanel, and many more. I’m also a part of the Photography Crew of “ROBOT 2.0” Audio launch event held in Dubai at Burj Park. From being a fan of Rajinikanth to being a part of his event, Interest and Passion served as steps to come this far. My friend, Sai Giridhar and me started a Studio and named it JPG after our names and also the famous *JPG format.

Crushing Stones:
Living life different from others is not easy. I initially faced a lot of criticism and discouragement where everyone used to point out my style of Photography. Being a fan of Ansel Adams.

Three Shining Stars:
1. Best Phantasia Photographer, 2018
Px-3-Prix De La Photographie 2018, Paris
2. Night Explorer
Dubai Photography Festival, 2017
3. Abstract Scenic Visionary
National Geographic Photo Festival, 2017

“Every Challenge taught me a new Lesson and Every Lesson made me a Better person.”
“To me, Photography is an art of Observation
It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place.
I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see
And Everything to do with the way you see them.”
“I want to Photograph all possible things that one can see in every possible way and tell how lucky they are to be a part of this Wonderful World.”

– Pidikiti Pala Sankara Jeetendra


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