The department if Geo-Engineering, Andhra University, conducted a one-day International Workshop on Free and open source geospatial engineering. Now-a-days open source geospatial software are emerging as important GIS Tools. The entire world is moving towards equipping open source GIS software in place of proprietary software.

Till date institution, industrial and universities are paying huge amount to process proprietary software. It really a remarkable thing that open source software being used by Google and other important software industries in the world in the light of emerging technologies. Prof. Venkatesh Raghavan from Osaka City University has attended the Chief Guest and delivered expert lecture on “OSGeoLive” to the participates. In addition Sri V. Ravi Kumar, Secretary, OSGeo-India and Prof P. Jagadeeswara Rao, Convener of the Workshop delivered expert Lectures. This program was inaugurated by Prof. P.S. Avadahnai Principal, AUCE(A). About 72 participants attended the workshop from various institution. Prof. G. Jaisankar, Prof. K. Nageaswara Rao, Prof. Ch.V.V.S. Bhaskar Reddy  and Dr. D. Munkunda Rao Spoke on this occasion.

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