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Mrs. Poorna Kraleti

“I love what am doing and that’s why I continue doing it !”, says Poorna Kraleti, a Yoga Prana Vidya certified healer, Yoga Prana Vidya instructor, an avid reader, and a trained classical singer, she has even been a guest speaker at national and international levels, counselor, a wife, and mother.

Mrs. Poorna is currently pursuing Masters in Psychology from Andhra University, she holds a Masters even in Medical Biochemistry and Bachelor’s in Education Andhra University since teaching has been a passion for her. Through this journey of her difference in educational fields, she has realized the importance of mind, thoughts and emotions and the role it plays in today’s world. This helped pave way for her and she flourishes wonderfully now as a counselor a healer and counselor. She chose the field of psychology after completing her post-graduation in biochemistry only out of curiosity, to understand the basis of our mind, the human psyche and the basis of psychosomatic ailments, which are the outcome of modern day stressful lifestyle.

As an individual from the paramedical background, she realized that every ailment occurred in the body isn’t only a physical one but also due to emotions like fear, anger, worry, and how the minds of people perceive various situations. This further fired her curiosity and raised many unanswered questions; the solution to everything came up when she took up YOGA PRANA VIDYA energy healing and meditation in 2011. This energy healing system is an ancient art based on simple laws of nature and Quantum physics. Now, almost after 8 years, it has given her physical, mental and emotional well being, and this is what inspired her to reach to others and help them establish similar balance and harmony in life.

Poora Kraleti a head-strong lady and a charismatic woman determined to reach major goals by helping others does not stop at any obstacle instead she moves forward in life with full enthusiasm. She has her own Healing and counseling center in MVP Colony , Visakhapatnam known as Yoga Prana Vidya Centre. She further adds that this healing modality is well in sync with a busy modern lifestyle and has simple easy to follow techniques, which are useful to children and adults alike.

She and her children always look forward to their annual trip to the ashram in Bangalore every summer,“ the kids enjoy the atmosphere as it is too close to nature away from gadgets and the busy world but most importantly they connect with nature and try to live without any boundaries”, She says.
She administers healing which is a touchless and drugless therapy to hyperactive children or children with special needs, and even conducts workshops on stress management, non-violent communication, Superbrain yogasana, and parenting. She is even been conducting sessions in schools, colleges and juvenile homes in Vizag and surrounding areas. The project she calls as “Light on the threshold”, she believes quality rather than quantity. All an individual needs are child needs is guidance, Light on the path. Poorna is even associated with Body and soul Awareness Radio with Stephanie and Oxana where she is a regular guest speaker.

The sole person who is the motivator, the driving force and the inspiration behind her pursuing the activities she conducts, is Shri N J Reddy, the founder of Yoga Prana Vidya in its present form. He believes one must lead an intense meaningful life, a life with a purpose. She highlights that her parents are very supportive of her and they inculcated moral values at a very young age that she says, ”changed her outlook towards society and life”.

yoga prana vidya vizag
Shri N.J Reddy


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