Vizag's beaches, a major attraction.

Vizag’s average of 50 drowning deaths per year, and a disturbing 30 deaths in this year so far have raised the concern of Visakhapatnam Collector Mr. Pravin Kumar, who suggests Beach Police Stations as the solution to control this menace.
What with its easy accessibility from everywhere, variety of holiday spots to choose from, and affordable rates, the emergence of Vizag as a major tourist spot is no wonder! More so, its beaches have been a magnet for holidayers and locals alike.

But what is dampening the spirit of Vizag is the increase in the rates of drowning deaths in and around the beaches of the city. In fact, in this year alone, Vizag has witnessed around 30 drowning deaths so far. The Collector of Vizag Mr. Pravin Kumar, while acknowledging this problem and holding discussions for finding a suitable solution for it, has come up with a solution. He has requested the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu to set up Beach Police Stations for increasing beach safety and bringing the figures down.

Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Pravin Kumar said, “The number of tourists coming to Vizag beaches has gone up substantially in the last few years and so does the drowning cases. The beach police station will run by the Police Department. Apart from ensuring steps to control the drowning cases, the dedicated police station can also keep an eye on the anti-social activities at the beaches.” Given the fact that the Chief Minister has reportedly shown keen interest in the proposal, here’s to the beaches of Vizag being a lot safer in the future.

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