Dreamer- an online content writing competition.

Have you always had a dream to pursue something out-of-the-box, something different that you believed was the purpose of your life, but were too hesitant to pursue afraid of all the voices that would criticize or mock you! Don’t listen to your inner critic! What if every genius who had a crazy dream had thought this way, would we have had all the innovations that transformed our life? Everything you see around you, every gadget, machine, piece of art was at first a mere dream in the head of whom the society termed a weirdo! But what set these people apart is that they have managed to break the shackles of the expectations the society placed on them to be, think and act a certain way and “Dreamed Big”. Our one advice to all the people out there who have a hidden passion, dream or idea is this- Just say it loud, ‘cause maybe your dream or idea wasn’t as impossible as you thought it would be.
The “Dreamer” content writing competition is one such platform by VIZAG NOW where all you have to do is write an article of 150-200 words about your secret passion, dream, idea that you want to pursue that will transform your life! There’s no age limit and no language barrier, as dreams don’t have a language! Wait, there’s more! Not only will the winner of the completion, who will be selected by the readers themselves, be getting their article published in our magazine, they will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 15,000/-. Our main motive behind this endeavor is not just finding good content writers but in building a community of “Dreamers” who have the hunger to change the world! Hurry, the registrations are open from 7th to 16th December only. To participate, just WhatsApp us ” VN0001A” to +91 901430 3955.

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