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  • Tons of Plastic waste is being generated by people tarnishing the once pristine beaches
  • Close to 20,000 plastic spoons removed by GVMC workers everyday
  • GVMC planning to implement plastic ban

What once happened with the beaches of Mumbai is repeating itself in Vizag! With growing tourism, urbanization and spending power among the people come the perils of them.

It is such a sore sight to see beautiful beaches of Vizag, once among the cleanest in the country, being spoilt by people throwing plastic cups, spoons and other waste on the beach. According to the GVMC, it is taking out more than 20,000 plastic spoons alone from the beaches. According to P Nallanayya, zonal commissioner, RK area who spoke to the Times of India, there are more than 200 vendors in RK Beach alone and said that, “We will take up the issue of plastic spoon ban once the Visakha Utsav ends. Probably after the Sankranti festival, we will hold a meeting with vendors and make the beach point from NTR statue to YSR statue plastic free.”

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