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Along with rain and winds and the massive news coverage to go with it, Cyclone Phethai seems to have brought with it cold weather conditions to Vizag. As the city witnessed a temperature of 20 degrees C on Tuesday.

There is still a week to go for old Santa to come to town, for stars to be decked up and for school holidays to start, but Christmas sure seems to have come early for Vizagites, what with the weather indicating it so!
On Tuesday, Vizag recorded a cool 20 degrees C, which is the coldest morning so far this year, making the city’s office-goers and school children alike dread the time to get out of beds. The temperatures, which are a far-cry of 5 or 6 degrees from the average temperatures during this month, are a result of the cyclone and will last a couple of days, say experts.
The plunge in temperatures has sent the peeps of the city into a dilemma; whether to brave the cold and enjoy a day out in the romantic weather, or not risk catching coughs and viral infections going on in the city and safely snuggle into an old (under-utilized) rug and drink a hot cuppa of their favourite brew.
The weather also put the city’s markets to sleep. Arun Manohar, who has come to his hometown Vizag for his wedding shopping, says, “The shops were closed on Monday due to rain which spoiled our plans, while yesterday was so cold that we decided to skip the shopping and come back home quickly.”
Be that as it may, most of the city folks are determined to enjoy the cool weather while it lasts; we only wish the holidays had started sooner!

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