Meditation at Soul Spa

Hey Vizagites! Remember, we told you about the Soul Spa session organised by the Body and Soul Awareness Centre on January 11th at Hotel Treebo PL Grand?

Lamp-lighting by Guru Jyothi and others

Well, we at Vizag Now along with 65 other souls were lucky enough to attend the session. The evening started with a Ganapathi song followed by the lighting of the lamp by Guru Jyothi, our esteemed teacher for the evening! After giving a brief introduction to the event, Guru Jyothi explained about Yoga Prana Vidya and energy healing through a slideshow and proceeded to teach breathing and meditations techniques such as forgiveness meditation and planetary peace meditation. A peace-filled hush surrounded the room

Guru Jyothi sharing her knowledge

while each and every one of us meditated – reflecting and pondering upon our inner world. The session was finished in what seemed like a few minutes, but was in fact an astounding 90 minutes, and left us feeling refreshed and stress-free!

It was a wonderful first brush with Yoga for Naveen, a graduate suffering from depression, while others like Ramakrishna Toleti, an avid Yoga practiser, also enjoyed the evening!

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