Two cases of gold robbery by gangs pretending to be police registered in Vizag on Thursday.
Movies are said to be inspired from real life! But thieves in Vizag seem to have taken inspiration from the movies to rob innocent people by pretending to be police!
In two separate incidents on Thursday, one in Akkireddypalem in Gajuwaka and one in Allipuram in Vizag South, thieves robbed gold ornaments from victims by pretending to be from Crime Branch of Police. The modus operandi of the thieves seems to be stopping the victims as police, telling them to be careful with gold and making them take the ornaments off and put them in a handkerchief, fooling them and riding of with the gold. The police are still investigating the crimes, and it is yet to be seen if both the robberies had been carried out by the same gang or not.
We can only hope that the perpetrators are caught soon! In the meanwhile, it would be best on our part to be a bit more cautious while venturing out with gold ornaments.

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