GVMC planning to use Electric rickshaws or E-rickshaws in collection of solid waste. Move to reduce pollution and increase Swacch Survekshan Survey ranking.
Hello Vizagites! Being the citizen of a clean and green City is something we all dream of! But it is not something we Vizagites have to worry about!

GVMC is going all guns blazing to make our city one of the top-ranked Smart cities in the Swachh Survekshan Survey 2019. It is thinking of putting electric rickshaws or E-rickshaws to use for collecting solid waste from houses.
Interestingly, as these are electric rickshaws with rechargeable batteries, the GVMC officials say, they are not going add to the pollution to our city air. Moreover, these are going to cost lesser than the regular vehicles being used in the city at present.
The officials are going to start the project with 60 electric rickshaws and set up electric recharging stations at four locations in the city for recharging them.

Well, we sure are glad to see GVMC take up this green initiative! Let’s hope it’s going to be a great success!

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