Representative Image of YSR Congress President Jaganmohan Reddy
Vizag Commissioner on Wednesday refuted any conspiracy behind attack on YSRCP President Y. S Jaganmohan Reddy. Was done by assailant with the motive of becoming ‘famous’.
Unless we are living under a rock, we all know about the much-speculated and debated knife-attack on YSR Congress Party President Y. S Jaganmohan Reddy in Vizag last year which led to much mud-slinging between YSRCP leaders and TDP leaders and the commissioning of a Special Investigation Team (SIT) by the Vizag Police to look into it.
Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Vizag Police Commissioner Mahesh Chandra Laddha divulged the findings of the SIT and said that there was no conspiracy behind the attack and that the assailant had a ‘split-personality disorder’ and had planned and executed the attack in a bid to become ‘famous’.
The infamous incident took place on October 25th of last year while the YSRCP leader had been about to board a flight to Hyderabad from Visakhapatnam Airport, when a canteen worker at the airport, Janipalli Srinivas, had got near the leader on the pretext of taking a ‘selfie’ and slashed the YSRCP leader with a knife on the shoulder.
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