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Hello peeps of Vizag! Why does all of Vizag seem to have gone silent suddenly, as though everybody is under-the-weather today!
Oops! I forgot it is the cursed Second day of the year! When the New Year isn’t quite new anymore!
The day you realise you have to get back to life again after all the hullabaloo (Hint: Visakha Utsav and ringing in the New Year) of last week!
But just because 2018 turned to 2019 and the year seems brand new, your world hasn’t changed its routine overnight! You still forgot to turn on the alarm last night and woke up late, just like last year. Your mom didn’t forget her routine of telling you to get married at breakfast, AGAIN! While your maid is late (with a new excuse for it) as always, making you late as ever to office. Some things never change, do they?
But our dear Sun sure seems to have a bad case of hangover from all the New Year revelries; coming in late and going out early like a BOSS, leaving us Vizagites in a stupor! Right around this time, we wish we were back in school days and found out school was closed due to bad weather! Arghh, I just realised something – I don’t want a New Year, I want an Old one!
Anyways, gotta go! My boss would kill me if I didn’t finish my work again!

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