New WhatsApp Virus is in circulation (Image for representation)

Fake update of WhatsApp called ‘WhatsApp Gold’ lets hackers pry into your phone.
Hello Vizagites! We all know how scary a place digital world can be, where the clicking of an innocent-looking link can give online criminals access to all of our most private information such as bank details, passwords, card PINs..! A new scam on similar lines has come to light dealing with our favourite messaging app WhatsApp.
Users are reporting that a message with a link for an update promising new and secret features of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Gold is doing the rounds. Once clicking on it, this malware lets online criminals peep into the personal information on your phones. Even though users in most of the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are warning people about this virus, people are continuing to fall prey to this menace!
So people, please spread the word and be careful while clicking on any doubtful-looking links!

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