Bandh in Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Bandh for Special Category Status (Image for reresentation)

Bandh for Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh. All political parties and student unions lend support to it. CPI leaders arrested in the morning after blocking traffic at Maddilapalem junction.

Hello Vizagites! It is a long Friday in Vizag this week! As you all know, a Bandh has been declared today by organisations across Andhra Pradesh for Special Category Status!

So far, except for creating traffic jams and a few tense moments here and there, it is proceeding without major hiccups in Vizag.

CPI leaders’ rally

Prior to it, Vizag police had taken all precautions for the day to pass smoothly in the city. However, they had to arrest some CPI leaders who had blocked the traffic at National Highway roads near Maddilapalem junction in the morning.

In another incident, CPI leaders took a rally on bikes in Jagadamda junction and raised slogans demanding justice for Andhra Pradesh.

CM’s support

The Bandh is receiving support from all political leaders from various parties. In fact, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu wore black as a sign of support to the Bandh.

Let us hope that the Centre will take note of our sentiments.

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