Angel's Wish - Organ donation
Organ donation awareness camp by Angel's Wish
Angel's Wish
Awareness about organ donation by Angel’s Wish

Angel’s Wish conducted an organ donation awareness camp at VIMS Hanumanthuvaka on Sunday. ACP Prabhakar and Skater Rana Uppalapati among chief guests. 150 people pledge to donate organs.

Hello Vizagites! Here’s some food for thought to drive away your Monday morning blues! We all how lack of organs to transplant is killing so many people in India. But did you know how a single person’s organs can save up-to 8 lives? Lack of awareness is a major hurdle! With this in mind, the Angel’s Wish organisation conducted an organ donation awareness camp at VIMS Hanumanthuvaka on Sunday.

The camp was attended by more than 200 people, as well as, noted people like ACP Prabhakar, renowned skater Rana Uppalapati, social workers Indira Chekuri, Vinod and politician Anmish Varma.

150 people pledge

The people who attended the event got to know about the importance of organ donation, and consequently, about 150 people pledged to donate.

What can we say other than urging our readers to pledge to the cause!

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