What Conventions, Trade fairs can do to a city like Visakhapatnam ?

vizag conventions trade fares lulu group

The buzz word in our city of destiny is we are going to leap frog and become the most favored destination for commercial activities. This became more prominent after the announcement of Lulu group investment close to Ramakrishna beach on a convention center and added facilities like five star Hotels and Malls.


vizag conventions trade fares lulu group

Vizag has already attained critical mass to hold such gatherings with respect to hotel rooms, conference halls, Air connectivity and other required things. The missing link was to do it on scale and international standards. With the massive investments this will be a thing of the past.

Conventions and international seminars attract people from all over the world in large numbers. In India such meets happen primarily in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and to a limited extent at few other places where infra structure exists.

The visitors are powerful people who explore investment opportunities, availability of skilled people, Air connectivity and banking infrastructure and other associated things .These decisions become positive for Visakhapatnam and the city develops at a greater momentum in growth.

The natural beauty of the city, attractive beaches, heritage sights, magnificent Eastern Ghats and other attractions make it a value for money destination for tourists. Tourism will be a big beneficiary of this development.

The Air connectivity will become better and more cities will be connected directly at convenient times. International traffic will increase at a faster pace.

The city’s prosperity and the citizens economy will get a boost as more compnies will establish full fledged operations and marketing centers in the city.

The synergies created by International meetings, educational facilities already available, infra structure that is being developed and the two large ports will propel Vizag among the top ten cities of India and a prominent place in the world with respect to commerce and tourism..



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