The East Point Golf Club of Vizag

golf club vizag now

This is one of the attractive destinations in vizag for golf addicts, sports lovers, decision makers, Network builders and for anyone who wants to breathe fresh pollution free air.

A hundred acre lung of this beautiful city is in “Mudasarlova,  Near Old Dairy Farm” adjoining the newly built health city. There is an excellent club house with a bar and restaurant, golf shop, Gym and a practice range in the same premises.

east point golf club vizag

The club is maintained to international standard by an active committee of golf enthusiasts actively supported by Eastern Naval Command and its chief is the patron.

The club has nearly 1200 members. Tourists, guests, and many foreigners (mainly Koreans) play regularly in the course. The growing interest in the game all over the world because of the unique benefits to physical and mental health is making this club grow at a phenomenal rate. Hundreds of kids and new members practice in the range before entering the course .This is a gentlemen’s game: rules, etiquette, and dress code are the corner stones and there is no compromise.

It is said more decisions are made on the golf courses than board rooms. A bond and network develops, while playing golf. It is amazing and very useful for making business decisions.

East point golf club will be a catalyst for Vizag’s growth and glory.

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