Roads Made Out Of Plastic Waste in Vizag

plastic roads vizag

One of the biggest challenges today is to find ways and means to dispose plastic wastes from industry, consumer goods packaging and disposable items used in hospitals, hotels and where ever plastics are used.

The most common forms of plastics are polyvinyl chloride (p.v.c), polyethylene and polypropylene these materials are very useful and versatile and are used in packaging for solid and liquid food items, industrial goods and auto parts.

The negative part of plastic application is that they are not bio degradable and cause immense harm to environment ,the plastic waste cannot be burnt in incinerators as they produce tremendous heat and smoke which is harmful and causes pollution.

The result of large scale use of plastics can be seen everywhere on beaches, clogged drains, on roads and rivers. No plastic zones, restriction of plastic use only brings awareness but not solutions .

plastic roads vizag

Vizag has made a beginning to tackle this issue by mixing the plastic waste with tar for laying roads. It increases the life of roads by 8 to 12 months. It reduces the cost by 8 percent it is creating a win – win situation from a menace it is becoming useful. We are also saving the ecology.

Scientists are working on bio degradable plastics and when it come’s on large scale the problem of plastic pollution will come to an end till such time we have to tackle the problem by short term measures.

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