New blossoming Startups leads City of Destiny towards Health

shuddh vizag juice stall

Before high temperatures trouble the city,young people in vizag city started “Shuddh” which prepares and sells pure desi liquids.Lemon Soda and Lassi are their unique liquids including Lassi with and without Dryfruits, Sabja lemon, later extending to Tea and Coffee.
“Shuddh” people use only Mineral water and curd without even mixing drop of water in it.It just started one day before,and customers are already in queue.The founder of “Shuddh”,Yog Anand says that it is eco-friendly and they use unique technology where ice is installed in puff box which don’t require electricity and ice will not be in touch with water.

shuddh vizag juice stall

The employees are very well trained so that their customers get the best quality out of best products with the best people.The attractive feature and the main aim of “Shuddh” is to keep their products in reach of every single person.The minimum price is ₹10/- and the maximum is ₹25/-.They use pure ghee,well packed dry-fruits, toned and pasteurized milk.

shuddh vizag juice stall shuddh vizag juice stall








There are four “Shuddh” kiosk’s as of now located at Dondaparthy ,BudhilPark, Tatichetlapalem, Urvasi junction each. And likely 6 more kiosk’s are to start very soon in the city.

They are ready to give franchise to the interested parties at reasonable price , People can contact them on +91 789 309 3333.

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